The average cost for a standard 5' X 7' "Direct Replacement" Bathroom Remodel project will cost between $14,000.00 - $18,000.00. The Average cost for a "Direct Replacement Kitchen" 10' X 12" size will cost $12,000.00 - $34,000.00.

Please if this is not with in your budget or what you are interested to spend please do not request an estimate. No point in wasting your or our time. 

These estimates do cost our company approximately $135.00 per "Free" estimate.


PRODUCTS: We will estimate the cost of your products using information that is posted on the Home Depot Website. You will have the option to make your own product selections.The product cost of the items you select may be less or more than our selections. 

PLUMBERS COST: The Plumber will be calling you to discuss and then provide a cost for your plumbing and he may require an on-site visit  (We are not licensed, plumbers. It is not legal to perform any type of plumbing installation tasks whatsoever under our Maryland Home Improvement License) 

ELECTRICAL OR ELECTRICIANS COST: We are permitted under our Maryland Home Improvement License to replace electrical outlets, wall switches and replace a light fixture as long as the fixture is a direct replacement. All other types of electrical tasks will need the services of a licensed electrician because it is not legal for us to perform any other electrical tasks whatsoever 

INEX VENDOR LIST BENEFIT: We will provide you with a list of product vendors at our initial project review meeting. Our vendors will provide you with our professional discount. When you shop at vendors that are not on my list ask if they offer a discount to contractors if they do we will pass that discount onto you. 

WE MANAGE THE ENTIRE PROJECT: We coordinate all activity with the Plumber and Electrician during the project, you will not be involved with the operational aspects of your project.
 We will pick-up your large products and tiles without any charge whatsoever. Exception is kitchen cabinets and products weighing over 100 pounds (Exception is ceramic or other type of tiles, we will pickup regardless of the weight)

* If you are remodeling a kitchen we will need a copy of your design.

If you do not have a design we can't provide you with an estimate. 

We can provide you with a Designer who we have worked with in the past.