Bill Eichbaum is a rare "Bird" Bill is a real "Old School" Craftsman. His recent project is a working model "Steam Boat" the detail is amazing. Just wanted to share Bill's latest work of art! As you will see in the pictures just how highly skilled Bill is

SARITA is a 38” model of an 1890s era steam launch.  She is built to a scale of 1 ½” equals 1’.  I built the hull from scratch over the past year based on plans that were drawn by Weston Farmer, a naval designer, and which originally appeared in Rudder magazine in 1975.  The hull is built of western red cedar which is glued with epoxies.  The steam engine and boiler were built and machined from kits supplied by PM Research located in New York.  The flow of steam to the engine from the boiler and the rudder are radio controlled.  The awning was designed and sewn by my wife, Sarah Fox.Bill Eichbaum, April, 2022