Our $9,900.00 Bathroom Special is based on a 7'X5' Non Mud Set Bathroom and includes all tiles, fixtures and Plumber's cost  (We have estimated $1,500.00 for the plumber's labor and basic connection mechanical parts your cost may be higher or lower after the Plumber visits your home)

Plumbing is accomplished by a licensed Plumber. The Plumber will visit your home to provide a firm cost for your project

Estimated Products and Fixtures are Included based on Home Depot in-stock products "You will have the option to select your own products"

We have selected all products at the Shady Grove Home Depot. The products selected are above builder grade, based on Home Depot buying products in large quantities all products we selected are the highest quality the manufacturer offers for that type of product. 

Your actual product cost may be higher if you have a larger bathroom, or less if your bathroom is smaller, you have the option of selecting different products and the cost of the products you select will be adjusted as needed. The labor will be the same unless the product you select takes more time to install. Products we selected are a direct replacement type without any structural alternations.

Home Depot products and materials that are included. You have the option to make changes in any or all the products. 

You are not "Locked" into purchasing your products at Home Depot. We will offer our "Professional" discount (When Available) if you purchase your products from a different vendor.

This is the actual Home Depot product selection that we worked up: