We offer a robust array of Handyman services. The following is a listing of just a few of the services that we offer with the LABOR COST for each.

The cost of the product is not reflected you have the option to purchase and have delivered to your home. When we provide the product it will be marked up 25% to cover our time and delivery.

Replace or install storm door -------------------------------------- $135.00
Replace garage door opener --------------------------------------  $185.00
Remove and replace ceiling light fixture ---------------------- $  75.00
Replace ceiling fan ----------------------------------------------------- $125.00
Replace bifold closet door 60" or smaller -------------------- $  70.00
Replace shower enclosure 36" - 60" --------------------------- $150.00
Replace interior door with pre-hung unit with lockset -- $180.00
Paint interior door and jam both sides ------------------------- $  40.00
NEX is your answer to bringing your old screen porch back up to standards. Chris and Waulking completely removed all the old screening and wood furring strips and then painted the frame and new furring using redwood stain paint. Then installed new screening.

Hi Chuck; Just a short note to thank you and your crew for the great work you did on my leaky bathtub. This was a problem which had bedeviled my family for years. I would never have gotten it fixed without your help. Now I enjoy worryless showers.
thanks again Martin C Blum/ Montgomery Village, Md.

Dear Chuck,
After using INEX for a bathroom expansion project in January 2006 (which turned out great!), I thought of INEX’s handyman service when it came time to repair our screened-in porch. The porch needed to be completely re-screened and much of the wood needed to be replaced as well. Chris Nickerson and his team did an outstanding job and we are very pleased with the results. Chris and his workers were very conscientious and unobtrusive. I very much appreciate that they took the time to make sure that the new stain matched the old stain and that they put improved latches on the door on their own initiative. The project took less than a week and all debris was hauled away. I will definitely use INEX’s services again if the need arises.
Thanks again,
Alaina Allen

Hi, Chuck.
I keep meaning to write to tell you how happy I am with the work Chris and the others did in the basement -- it looks great!!  It's so nice to have a real wall there.  They did an excellent job!

Thanks again,

Hi Chuck,
Chris did an excellent job for us and your price was very fair. Chris explained the changes he was suggesting and his recommendations made our kitchen look even better than I expected. My wife and I are very pleased. We will be calling on Inex again and will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends. Thanks very much.  Chuck Benrubi